Theory from the Margins WEBAPP

This website uses technology that allows you to install the website as an app on most mobile devices. Instructions to install the website on your phone are given below:

Install on Android Mobile and Tablets

Theory from the Margins can be installed as an app on your phone on most android smartphones.

Open the website on your Chrome browser, either: (a) click the three dots on the right corner, and then click “install app” from the dropdown menu, or (b) click the install button on the bottom of your screen.

If enabled on your device, the app will send you push notifications whenever a new episode is uploaded.

Install on iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS)

Theory from the Margins cannot be installed as a regular app on apple devices, because Apple doesn’t allow webapps.

However, you can still have an app display on your apple device. To do this, open Safari (important: this does not work on any other browser), and click  the Share buttonScroll down the list of options, then tap “Add to Home Screen”. Now you will have an app-like access to the website on your safari browser anytime you need it. However you will not receive push notifications.

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